PostHeaderIcon Japan's ONE unveils full global network

THE Ocean Network Express, or ONE — the new Japanese carrier comprising NYK, MOL and K Line — has revealed the remainder of its global service offering as it gears up for its April launch.

From April 1, ONE will operate as many as 44 separate loops and strings on the South America, intra-Asia, Oceania and Africa trade lanes. This is in addition to the 33 services covering east-west routes, namely the Asia-Europe/Mediterranean, transpacific and transatlantic trades, offered by ONE alongside Hapag-Lloyd and Yang Ming as part of The Alliance’s coverage.

Known as ‘Day ONE’, in recognition of the carrier’s inaugural day, ONE will roll out 11 loops serving the South American trades; 17 intra-Asia services; and eight in both the Oceania and Africa regions.

Latin American routes will include two Pacific coast strings; one connecting South American east coast hubs with the US west coast via Los Angeles, and the other a loop linking Panama’s Balboa with Calloa in Peru, with stops in fellow Peruvian port Palta and Ecuador’s Guayaquil.

Three Far East-South America east coast services will be deployed. These will be joined by two dedicated Caribbean services and a further north/south routing on the Atlantic coast connecting Latin America with the US and Mexican Gulf.

A trio of Far East/West coast and Central coast America services, to be known as the Asia-Latin Express, will also be launched, although port rotations have yet to be confirmed by the trio.

The Japanese carrier’s intra-Asia offering will use Singapore as its hub port in the region, with all the major manufacturing countries covered by the lines and respective port facilities.

Meanwhile in Oceania, eight loops will be launched from the start of April, linking Australia with Thailand, Singapore, China, Japan and Korea. Three services will offer direct calls in New Zealand.

African services will include connections from South Africa to the Mediterranean and northern Europe; two east coast services with Sri Lanka; one Asia-West Africa and one Asia-Mediterranean loop.

Last week, ONE received final approval from the one remaining competition authority in all the jurisdictions it will conduct activities. South Africa’s decision to give the all-clear to the joint venture means the joint venture now has the all-clear to start operations as scheduled on April 1.

Source: Lloyd’s List


PostHeaderIcon Beating cancellation - over booking conundrum: APL says it has a new way

XXThe age-old debate about how to deal with overbooking and cancellations has resurfaced after many frustrated carriers have imposed cancellation fees, reported American Shipper.

Ameliorations have been tried to end the costly inconvenience, from a blockchain reservation system to a contract-based percentage fees hitting both shippers and carriers who default.

But do container no-shows induce carriers to overbook, or do carriers overbook to induce shippers to engage in multiple bookings that they then fail to cancel?

As APL sees it, a better way exists, that is, have the industry overcome this chronic misbehaviour and operate more efficiently.

Despite the cycle of fees, penalties and contracts, the no-shows versus rollovers - the problem festers to where APL will launch a special guaranteed service in early November.

But as American Shipper noted, previous efforts by Maersk to guarantee space for a price on specific routes proved unsuccessful.

Knowing this, APL's Mr Sartini is still confident, saying his new service will differentiate itself from rivals, paramount in an industry that is quickly commoditising itself in mega-alliances.

Said Mr Sartini: "We need to be more imaginative. This is what we are trying to do with our Eagle Guaranteed programme."

He admitted pricing was still a problem. "Many just want their cargo delivered at the best possible price. Then you have the shipper, who can gain a few days on the delivery time and is prepared to pay a premium. That is why we have expanded the Eagle programme, because we have seen from the market that there is a demand for this service.

"Of course, the guy who ships two containers won't be interested, because he doesn't need it. But for those customers with a sophisticated supply chain, we want to make sure there is a just-in-time delivery that they are prepared to pay for."


PostHeaderIcon Evergreen joins Cosco and Yang Ming to boost N Europe-Mediterranean service

The weekly Europe-Med Express (EMX) will deploy five ships of 4,250 TEU; one provided by Evergreen and YML respectively and the remaining three by Cosco, according to an Evergreen statement.

The first departure is from Rotterdam on November 27. The port rotation is: Rotterdam, Felixstowe, Hamburg, Antwerp, Casablanca, Piraeus, Alexandria, Haifa, Mersin, Piraeus, Casablanca, and Rotterdam.

The service allows Evergreen to provide a direct connection from northern Europe to the Mediterranean, particularly to and from Morocco, Turkey, Israel and Egypt.
It said: "This new service is being introduced in response to increased customer demand for a reliable service and demonstrates Evergreen's strong commitment to enhance efficiency on Europe-Med routes."


PostHeaderIcon Telephone Area Code Update


20 June 2017

Ho Chi Minh City Office - Telephone Area Code Update

Dear Valued Customer,

Please be informed that with effect from 17 June 2017, our office in Ho Chi Minh City have changed telephone

numbers following the decision of the Ministry of Information and Communications. 

Please see below our new telephone numbers. We appreciate if you could update these contact details accordingly.

Ho Chi Minh Office



+84 28 35264344-35264347



+84 28 62905292

Thank you for your business and continued support.





PostHeaderIcon Asia-Mediterranean trade dropped

Asia-Mediterranean trade dropped 3.9 per cent to $949 per TEU, American Shipper reported.

Asia to the US west coast declined 7.9 per cent week over week to $1,432 per FEU while those to the east coast were off 5.3 per cent to $2,432 per FEU.


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